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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Give Me Apathy or Give Me... You Know... Whatever.

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. It certainly isn’t that there wasn’t a lot to post about. There has been a veritable smorgasbord of idiocy that could serve as fodder for my misanthropic ranting. The Foley scandal, the midterm elections, the elevation of the Wicked Witch of the West to Speaker of the House, the deluded ramblings of Rangel and his draft proposal. It’s been what a malcontent such as I would call a target rich environment. I’ve been busy. But beyond that, I’ve had so much anger and rage at the stupidity of the American populace and the Republican leadership that the flood of bile trying to free itself from my mind has caused my brain to seize in an apoplexy just attempting to form the words of condemnation.

So, here we are in a new year. The new Democrat regime has been sworn in. The cut and run, gun-grabbing, isolationist cowards are now steering the Legislative. Joy of joys. About the only thing a Republican like myself (and given recent behavior of my party, I use the term loosely) can take solace in is the fact that the Left now has been given a sufficient length of rope with which to hang themselves. What happened to the Party? What happened to the Congress of Gingrich? Where did the Contract with America go? It appears that it has been inked over by pork and self-interest, and an overall detachment from and seeming contempt for the Base.

I am an Arizonan. Again, I apologize to you all out there on behalf of my state for having continually put McCain in office. Thankfully, we know we can count on Kyl, and for that I take comfort. But, overall, I’m disappointed that we have lost touch with the core values that allowed America to see the foolishness of the Leftist agenda and thus vote in those that would counteract the out-of-control spending and almost unstoppable march to a Socialist America. The Party that I grew up with brought to the table this election only the assertion that “At least we’re not AS bad as the other guys”. And for this, we now face a Democrat majority in the House and Senate and an overall disappointment from the party base. They seem to have forgotten that we aren’t the BDS crowd. We don’t make decisions based on sticking it to the other guy, but on what I best for the health and future of our nation. We are not a people that choose the lesser of two evils. We want results. A secure nation, secure borders, lower taxes, smaller government and the upholding and furtherance of Conservative values. But all we received was the assurance that as bad as the Republican leadership had been and providing and securing these things, Dems in power would be worse. And thus the base responded. And thus the Republican Congress is no more for the time being.

It appears that learning this lesson is going to be a slow path for those in power in the party. Rumsfeld was sacrificed on the altar of appeasement of those that would drag the nation down and push the will of the few at the expense of the many. The hubris continues. I read on the blog of a leftist that Pelosi wanted the House to be in session 5 days of the week. To actually work full time upon the task of national governance and lawmaking. And the largest detractors were from Republican representatives. We, the party of the work ethic. We, the party of commitment to the nation and its continued security and prosperity. We who should be committed to working every hour it takes to wrest, once again, the direction of this nation from the appeasers, nay-sayers and cowards. We, who should be committed to keeping the nation mighty and secure and a land of plenty. It was our representatives that balked at the concept. An illustration of how far our leadership has strayed from the path, and just how blind they have become to the goal.

I can only hope that our Republican reps will remember what it means to be Conservative. That our President will be reminded as well. We have little time for business as usual with these dangerous enemies of liberty at the helm. Dear god let them learn quickly, and let Bush find his Veto pen. But I’m just one guy. What do I know? Sadly, enough to feel betrayed, dismayed and waylaid by those I trusted and voted for.

May the Democrat party hang themselves with the rope they’ve been given and may the nation be freed from the mental illness of BDS. Until then, keep them loaded, close and well-oiled, because we’ve been left on our own for a while.

-Jesse W.

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