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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yeah! Because That's Worked Before.

Apparently the Useless Nations has finally drafted a resolution that will bring about a ceasefire in the Middle East. More specifically, the Israeli/Lebanese border. Yup, another resolution. They seem to have been so effective in the past. Like all the ones that were passed against Saddam. Worked like a charm. And they’ve done such a bang-up job preventing violence against Israel in the past, that this will be a surefire solution.

Oh. No. Wait. I meant to say the EXACT opposite. The resolutions are a joke and aren’t worth the trees that died to make the paper they were printed on. Seriously, why are the environmentalists not going after the UN for wasting paper writing up ridiculous shit that doesn’t deter anyone.

Though, I guess the threat of having UN “peacekeeping” forces in your country can be a powerful deterrent. I mean, no one really wants that. They’d hate to see their daughters and wives and sisters and mothers raped. They’d not enjoy being extorted, beaten and stolen from. Nor would they want the UN setting up a camp in their towns. After all, they’d just get turned into terrorist rocket launcher sites. And no one wants any pissed off IDF in their area when that happens.

The only thing that has come from the UN is a large amount of money from member states being paid to make KofiCo fat and happy, rather than taking care of their own national interests. But what else do you expect from a world body that is two-thirds peopled by repressive, criminal, terror-sponsoring, human rights violating states? UNIFIL has been in the Hezbollah occupied regions of Lebanon for 30+ years. They’ve been complicit in the kidnap of IDF soldiers and the cover-ups thereafter. They’ve allowed their bases to be used as launch sites for Katyusha rockets. And they are going to be overseeing this ceasefire?

I. Don’t. Think So. This ceasefire means only one thing. There will be more infinitely corruptible UN forces in the area which Hezbollah, backed financially by Iran and Syria, can put in their pockets. But the Israelis shouldn’t see this as a bad thing. The UN is creating a target-rich environment. And I pledge a case of beer to the first IDF soldier to take his Tavor and put a neat clean hole through an occupied Blue Helmet.

All that soldier need do is send me a sight picture snapshot and an aftermath snapshot.

And when this resolution fails, and Israel has its buffer zone back, I’ll rest easy. And we all know the UN will never admit its incompetence. The radical muslims have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted. After all, the Koran (now available in quilted two-ply) says it’s not a bad thing to lie to the infidel or break a promise to him. So, I’m sure we can trust Hezbollah to cease hostilities. And we can trust Lebanon to actually control its population. And we can trust the UN to not be corrupt and inept. Then the drugs will wear off and we’ll come back to reality.

What was that definition of insanity again? Oh yes: Doing the exact same thing time and again and expecting a different result.

-Jesse W.

MFL Is A Huge Fucking Asshat

So I haven't posted in a while. That much is readily apparent for anyone that looks at the time/date stamps. But, I've has something building and it felt like time to vent my spleen, as it were.

.There is a jackass roaming my favorite netspots that can't shut his jizz-hole. He posts under the guise of Monkey Faced Liberal. This is the attempt of an attention seeking , adolescent-minded wanker to capitalize on a Frank J tongue-in-cheek comment and post. Whereby Frank J said that Liberals should be punched in their dumb monkey faces, this waste of space and storage took it and ran in that gimpy, retard way.

This is a complete bum boy who has no discernible talent at … well… anything, who has taken it as his crusade to try and prove to everyone but his imaginary friends, that Frank J has no talent, is violent, yada yada, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. Though, of course neither is true. Frank J has plenty of talent and keeps his faithful satisfied with goofy, absurd and fun political satire. Well, Frank J and his faithful cadre of posters.

This unabashed ass pirate enjoys trying to pick apart everything that’s posted, and he’s begun to infest one of my other favorites, fmragtops. This bloated sack of shit thinks he is anything but Helen Thomas’ used douche bag. He is, of course, mistaken. His comments are ever so witty… to a kindergarten class. Well, a kindergarten class and the other inhabitants of his Gompers Home.

So what do we do with this libtard? I wish we could think him away, or Frank J could send him into the cornfield. And, unfortunately, the .357 I shot at my PC only prompted me to have to buy a new monitor.

Thus, I am making it my goal to lob unceasing ad hominem attacks at the queen of ad hominem attacks. Monkey Faced Liberal. At FM, I can be freer with my language, which I like. For Frank J’s site, I’ll have to be more creative. So, anyone that actually reads this… and agrees with me, make it your mission too. Give him the full magazine and the two spares you have next to your concealed carry piece.

He may just be a troll, but as with all monsters, to attack and destroy is the best option. In fact, it might be quite fun. I mean, all that pent-up rage can now be given a home. So send your vitriol, your anger, your vehemence his way. It’s fun AND educational.

-Jesse W