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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

May The Ronin Be Gathered From The 4 Corners

So, as some IMAO readers have seen, I am trying to gather the AZ and Southwestern Ronin together for a somewhat informal gathering. It all started with the Ronin Profiles feature on IMAO. It appears that we have quite a few of us here in the southwest, Arizona in general and the Greater Phoenix Area specifically. So, I figured it would be great to put faces to the screen names and smart-assed, right-minded comments that entertain and inform me everyday.

So, here is the deal. Tentatively, I would like to get together with the Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona and Southwest Region if they can make it. The date, which is negotiable, I am slating as Saturday, September 1st. The location (also negotiable) will be Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe, AZ. This has the added bonus, despite the great homebrews, of being near the ASU campus, thus allowing for Hippy Punching and Libtard Tossing if the mood arises.

So, if you are a Zonie, or in the area and like to travel long distances to meet strange people you know from The Internet,. then email me at haggismachaggis@hotmail.com

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At 8/09/2007 4:38 AM, Anonymous shimauma said...

//like to travel long distances to meet strange people you know from The Internet//

LOL! See, only for a group of Ronin would I be willing, if I had the time and money. But I got an idea, let me know via email what day you guys get around to doing this and the Hubby and I will call in.


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