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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Well, I'll Be

I suppose I might as well chime in. It's been all over the blogosphere. So, I'm gonna throw in my $.04 (Adjusted for inflation stemming from a Democrat controlled Congress.) Are you ready? Here goes...


Wow. Ann Coulter said something off-color and insulting. Knock me over with a feather. I mean, this is so unlike Ann. She never says anything shocking. The LEFT just loves her and wishes her nothing but the best. And, as I type this, winged apes are flying directly from their nests located deep in my colon.

When the hell did we stop being the Right? You know... the party of personal responsibility, anti-PC, anti-big government, anti-wadded thong man panties. That was us. Conservatism, they hardly knew ye. At least those that are squaking like Moonbat KOSsack DUmmies. The rest of us are intact.

Ann dropped the F-Bomb. Well, not That F-Bomb. If she'd dropped that one, the Marcotte-buggering goat-lovers would have been hooting and hollering and slapping Ann on the back like an audience member at the Apollo. She used the British word for cigarette. To describe John Edwards.

Come to think of it... I really am appalled. I've known a lot of Faggots in my time. I've found them to be pleasant. They have been good friends. They've been consistent and honest and open, regardless of whether it loses them friends and support. And they always speak their minds. So.. Ann... Stop bagging on Faggots by calling John Edwards on. That's just really insulting to the rump rangers.

And speaking of Edwards and Marcotte, do you think she's gonna hate him now that he "says" faith is an important part of his life? Worthless godbag.

So, in short... everyone that was offended by what Ann said... Grow the fuck up. Read the First Amendment. Get an adult to explain the words to you. Then have them explain the meaning of a joke, of satire and fair play. After all, where are the calls of shame on those wishing that Cheney had been killed? Get over yourselves and start recognizing dangerous speech. As opposed to just tasteless, tacky, and fucking hilarious speech.


-Jesse W.

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At 3/06/2007 6:27 PM, Anonymous shimauma said...

Man, I miss Sam Kinison. THAT guy had no problem calling a spade a spade, or a faggot a faggot, and the libs were afraid to say anything because he was f*cking funny. Ann can say what she wants, but she'll never top Sammy.


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