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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Double-Standard? What Double-Standard?

In the wake of renewed and continuing violence in Iraq, I wait. I sit and I wait for it. I sit and wait for the outrage at the civil strife being stirred up by our terrorist enemies. I watch the MSM for their outrage and their railing against the ethnic and sectarian violence that continues to rock the nation of Iraq. I wait for them to call a spade a spade and start decrying the murdering, wholesale, of muslims by other muslims just for worshipping in a different way. I wait for an outrage that will never come.

Don’t mistake me though. I know there is plenty of outrage. It’s just all directed at the man who is trying to provide the Iraqi people, and the Middle East itself, with the first true non Jewish democracy. Or the outrage is directed at American soldiers trying to not only protect our nation, but bring stability to those in another nation. There is plenty of outrage if it is being focused on those doing the good works. But still, there are no MSM declarations condemning the barbarous murder, violence, and rampant racism/religionism that permeate the muslim world.

The MSM wants us to understand the atrocities that are being committed by Iraqi civilians, sects and “militia” groups killing for worshipping god in the wrong way, or of being in a different ethnic group. But were the tables turned, the MSM would be all over the same thing in the States. Consider the outcry at states that have the Confederate Stars and Bars incorporated into their flags. No violence, just a symbol. Or, consider the major outcry when McVeigh took out the Murrah Building. I’m not defending him by the way, just making a point. If Protestants started bombing Catholic holy sites, cathedrals graveyards, etc., or vice versa, the indignant anchors would daily decry the violence and call for ACTION TO STOP IT. But apparently, Arabs are different.

We’ve heard the litany about it being a different region with different rules. We need to understand that the Arab culture is barbarous in nature, they say. But was not the Old West in the US also barbarous in nature? Law was brought to the settlements and new territories, and it rules there to this day. So was the difference that White folks should know better? The Left and the MSM is tipping its racist hand. The same prevails in minority communities and courtrooms to this day. The non-white man need not be held accountable for any vile actions he commits, but the white man must. And the Arabs and Iraqis need not either. They can’t be expected to live by our belief that people have the right, given by God, to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. They can’t be expected to because, by the Left’s standard, they are too backward and inferior to get these concepts and apply them.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are seeing the true Multi-cultural mindset. In the Liberal mind, we don’t want democracy and peace in the Middle East. That might mean we might have to mix with them. We can’t expect them to grasp, hold to and excel at the values we hold dear. It might mean that we aren’t superior after all. By saying that Democracy cannot take root in the Middle East; by excusing the violent behaviors of terrorist extremists as a matter of culture; by trying to sabotage the American and Coalition efforts to bring democracy and those 3 rights we hold sacred over all others, the MSM and Liberals are showing their true colors. They are bigots. They are racists. They are rampant egomaniacs. And. they are excessive ego-strokers that want to keep the non-Anglo groups of the world dependant upon the milk from their smug, superior, “progressive” teat.

I am decrying the violence. Muslims, Arabs, Kurds, Persians, the whole lot of those folks need to learn to live at peace. And it is my belief that they have the capacity to do it. They are just as much members of the human race as we of a paler bent. And if we, of the paler tone could move from violent, warring monarchies to the democratic/representative republican nations we are today, then our fellow brothers and sisters of the human race can as well. Democracy can take root in the Middle East. Monarchies, Emirates and all the other oppressive regimes can change, and the people can change with them, to love Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

So decry the violence, support the continued effort to stabilize and democratize the region and believe that we can be safer by allowing the people to be ruled by the laws of man, drafted to protect the inalienable rights of man. Believe in the cause and see the fruits of the effort.

-Jesse W.


At 3/21/2006 10:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Worst. Blog. Ever.

At 4/26/2006 8:12 PM, Anonymous shimauma said...

Well that was a succint sum up of a vague opinion. Be careful about getting too specific for us Anonymous...or brave enough to post your name.


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