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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What The Hell?!?!?

I find myself agreeing with DhimmiCratic leadership, and it’s disconcerting. The only saving grace is that most Republicans are also in agreement, so it mitigates some of the urge to empty my stomach. When I first heard the news that the U.S. was allowing control of 6 Major U.S. ports to be sold to the UAE, I nearly went through the roof. Security in seaports is bad enough without an Islamic Arab nation holding the reigns. I thought to myself, “Surely President Bush will put a stop to this!”

And, my friends, I was dead wrong. The Washington Post and other “news” outlets of the MSM, as well as numerous blogs from both sides, are reporting a very different stance. Now, as we all know, the president has the power to veto any bill set before him. The Legislature can overturn a veto with enough votes, but there we are. This veto power is being wielded as a threat by the President to try and keep the UAE deal alive. Threatening to veto any bill quashing a deal he himself should have taken care of and blocked. I checked my calendar. It’s not April Fools’ Day, or Opposite day. The man is serious.

This of all things, the Prez is going to use his veto on. Well, I say, “Step up to the plate and swing.” In an unprecedented show of bipartisanship on behalf of the War on Terrorism and National Security, Congressional Dhimmis and Republicans have both sworn to strike down this sale. This comes as a major surprise since the goal of the DNC and seated Dhimmis has appeared to be the slow weakening of our ability to prosecute the War on Terrorism and to make the nation more secure. This is a rare case of the elected actually making decisions based on their constituents and not their own whims. Don’t pass out from shock!

So, Mr. President, how dare you? What the hell are you thinking? I’ve supported you on nearly everything in your administration, but this is unconscionable. It is time to stand up and quash this whole fiasco. We don’t negotiate with terrorists… especially not in business negotiations.

-Jesse W.


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