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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Burkaed Truth

So we finally get a response from a muslim group that condemns the widespread violence. Well, at least that is what they’ve told us. The Ulama Council of clerics, in Afghanistan, has made a statement on radio and TV stating that the violence is defaming Islam. Well good for them. I’ll just go grab the salt shaker for this one. Yup, a grain of salt should just about do it.

As a non-muslim citizen of civilized Western Society, and more importantly, of the United States of America, I’m dubious. We’ve grown rather accustomed to the Arab/Persian/Insert Islamic people group here party line. We’ve started watching and listening to both sides of these “religious leaders’” mouths as they are ever so fond of talking out of both sides of them. The linked article mentions maybe two or three groups, out of the thousands of Islamic organizations, which are “speaking out” concerning this absurd, childish and unconscionable response to these Dutch cartoons. Just two or three. That’s about it folks. And they say that it’s all the radical groups’ fault for taking advantage of the furor.

Now, let’s take a moment to think this through. If you were raised from childhood worshipping (And no matter what burka you put on the truth, they are still worshipping) some man who claimed to be a prophet and built a religion, you’d be pretty committed, right? From the time you could read (Sorry girls, no reading for you!), you’ve been taught this religion, been made to practice it everyday, been told be religious leaders that the infidel is evil and subhuman, that the infidel must convert or die and basically had violence imbued in the religion that permeates your life. Then something like this happens, and all the years of violent programming come out. All the hate-filled messages from the religious leaders bursts forth, because, after all, we are merely the infidel and therefore subhuman and outside of “allah’s” favor. You are just doing what you were taught your whole life.

So maybe, just maybe, the issue is not the cartoons. Maybe the issue is not the “radical groups”. Maybe the issue is not the geo-political state of things. Maybe it’s not the infidel. Maybe, and follow with me here, the issue is Islam. Period. End of story. No sequel, no spin-offs. The issue just might be Islam itself. Teaching hatred for all things not Arab, for Islam is merely the cruel Arab culture peppered with “god” stuff to make it seem respectable, stating that the lives of non-muslims are worth much less than muslims. Stating that there is no law above allah’s, that democracy and the will of the people are evil, and the people shouldn’t be allowed to decide for themselves. Permeating every aspect of muslim life so there is no escape and no differing viewpoint. Giving permission to kill, nay a mandate to kill, anyone who is muslim that chooses a different faith. Maybe it’s Islam that is the problem.

So these “religious leaders” can decry he violence and uncultured Arab behavior all they want. It is the equivalent of putting a fingertip band-aid on a vivisection victim and sending the on their way. The Protestants, The Jews, The Catholics have all taken stock of the violence they perpetrated, and have considered the doctrinal issues that led there. They figured out how to live with the world, not convert it all to a cruel Roman/American/Israeli/German/English/etc. theocracy. It’s about time Islam stepped up to the plate, stopped acting like the poor, red-headed stepchild, and actually learn how to get on in this world. The issue isn’t Poverty. The issue isn’t Extremists. The issue isn’t the Western World and Culture. The problem, my ululating friends, is Islam. Own it, then fix it!

-Jesse W.


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