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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Islam: It's The Bomb or The Amazing Adventures Of Jihadis

Seething mad. My blood boils. My mind races to find logic where there is none. My mind scrambles to make sense of the mindless killings, burnings, kidnappings, etc. But nothing comes. Nothing but blind rage! That and the desire to respond in kind. To set ablaze that which they value. To make their compatriots live in fear. I speak, of course, of the muslim response to some goddamned cartoons!

I’ve been reading, in the past few days, about all the furor over the illustrations of Mohammed. The “religion of peace” is sure showing us uncultured, warmongering infidels just what it means to have culture and desire peace. They have burned an embassy, kidnapped foreigners, and issued effete and ineffective fatwa after fatwa, all for painting the dickless mole-covered pedophile that would start a religion of terrorism. This whole thing is over a cartoon. Or at least, a collection of cartoons.

Now there are some unflattering depictions of the epileptic, hallucinating jackass of Islam, but that really just seems like a little goes-around-comes-around to me. Arab media consistently depicts Jews and Christians in an immensely unfavorable light, but where are our torchings of mosques and shrines? Where is our response of random kidnappings of muslims visiting foreign countries? There is none, but goddamnit, there damn well should be! Instead of taking images like the “prophet” with a bomb in his turban as a satire and perhaps look inwardly at the shithole that Islam has become, they enforce the image by acting like violent, petulant little children.

Civilization may have started in the Middle East, but it left a long, long time ago. We have treated the adherents to Islam as regular citizens in our country, as have the Dutch and other European nations. And the thanks that are given in return are the angry rioting and destruction of said adopted country because of, and let me repeat this, A FEW GODDAMNED CARTOONS! So, let’s start revoking their equal status. Let all muslims become Dhimmi in our nations. One would ask, “Well, what about the moderate muslims?” To which I would say that we’d treat them just as the Germans were treated wen we were liberating Europe in WW II. They may not have been running the death camps, but their asses did nothing to stop them either. No muslim can claim innocence and peace on one hand, and receive literature and funding for their mosque from Saudi Arabia with the other.

This may seem an angry diatribe, and damnit it is! I would be offended by an unflattering depiction of The Lord, but I’d not start rioting, looting, burning, pillaging, or kidnapping. But this violent reaction and wanton destruction of their adopted lands, or of embassies that try to bring trade and an actual future to those countries, makes me mad enough to start grabbing for the Molotov cocktails. There is no excuse, there is no reason, and there is no forgiving the other muslims that don’t do shit to try and quell the extremism, though a careful study proves their whole religion as extremist.

So, no forgiveness for muslims. No more tolerance. They have often cried, falsely so, that we have declared war on Islam. Well, it’s about damned time that we did. Protest a mosque. Disrupt the 5 times a day prayer. Call a muslim to account for what the rest of his “brethren” are doing. It is time we well and truly declare war on Islam. We haven’t had a decent Crusade in a while, and they have already declared war on us and seek to enslave us to Sharia or send us to our eternal reward. It’s time to fight the fuck back. It’s time to make Militant Islam such a dangerous choice that no one dare follow that route again.

It is time to call in the chits that Islam owes for the acts of the past. Time to call in Munich. Time to call in Beirut. Time to call in Kobar Towers. Time to call in the U.S.S Cole. Time to call in The Pentagon. Time to call in the World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7. Time to call in Madrid. Time to call in London. Time to call in the hundreds of chits for Israel. No more Mister Nice Western World. It is time to officially declare War on the “religion of peace”. They declared it on us a long time ago.

-Jesse W.


At 2/07/2006 8:27 AM, Blogger Chilly Bastard said...

I echo your setiments exactly regarding the outrageous cartoon reaction. It's just proof that these Islamic "extremists" don't search too hard for reasons to commint senseless violence. I feel though, that it's unfortunate that there is no where we can truly hurt them where it matters. They don't value human life, not even their own, enough to be affected by any threats against them or their "loved" ones, as I'm sure they are incapable of love...


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