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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Near Riot? What Near Riot? *Whistles*

More Liberal Media carpet sweeping comes today from the Arizona Republic. The funny thing is that this newspaper used to be called The Arizona Republican. Now it’s nothing but a liberal Rag clogging up the clean and right minds of this Red State’s citizenry.

Here is the final blurb on the MLK Day proceedings as glowingly listed in the article:

Several hundred people showed up for the day's events. People from all over the state and Marchers from out of state made a statement with a fairly peaceful celebration

Folks, this “Fairly Peaceful” event consisted of a large number of black gangsters throwing signs at each other, blocking all traffic and terrorizing commuters, and the necessity of having (at least as many as I could see) 10 cops in a single intersection with 2 of the police helicopters circling to keep the violence to a minimum.

I’m sure good old Marty would be proud of the rampant stupidity that his “brothers and sister” were showing. I mean, the man was a two-faced, preferentialist womanizer that stumbled ass backwards into equal rights, but I think he’d still be appalled at what has become of his fellow Blacks today.

And I’m not surprised the Lib Media didn’t report it, since it might paint Blacks as violent and belligerent on MLK Day. One might think that they would report it to show the opposite of what they purport King stood for. But we can’t call Blacks out for their behavior on their special day. That might hurts feelings or be deemed racist. Or, maybe, just maybe, it might make them seem like an actual news agency again.


At 1/19/2006 11:47 AM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

First I heard of this.
Imagine that...


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