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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Carnival of Comedy #37 Delayed, but available!

Welcome one and all to the 37th Carnival of Comedy. It's a tad delayed, but here we have it all laid out for your viewing pleasure.

The Carnival is brought to you by:IMAO, The IMAudiO Podcast, The IMAO Carnival of Comedy and, of course, The Conservative Cat.

Since most of us good Conservatives work for a living, I’ve rated the entries as to the Level in which you might get in trouble for laughing in the cube farm.

Guaranteed to get you reprimanded by the Boss Man:

Buckley F. Williams gives us a play book for the loony left in The Nose on Your Face’s Year 2006 Predictions. Be prepared my conservative friends. Parts of the list might be nsfw.

A test that only the MSM could love. Media Bias? What Media Bias? Mr. Right at The Right Place certainly hasn’t found any.

The Assimilated Negro debunks what we tell little Johnny or Suzy about where babies come from. Deninitely NSFW!

Our friend NOTR of ROFASix shares with us the wisdom in sending cranky old farts to solvethe "al Qaeda" issue.

Joan Conde, the Mamacita, very kindly gives us a road map to the confirmation of Justice Alito.

Good for a chuckle, but not enough to get you looked at strangely at work:

Our friend, Mr. Strain, of Personal Finance Advice offers his Friday collection of monetary oopsies and faux pas.

Another gift from Miriam. She gives us a tongue-in-cheek missive to our Commander-in-Cheek... I mean Chief.

Peakah show's us Kim Jong Il opressing it gangsta style at Peakah’s Provocations.

TMH’s Bacon Bits share a sure fire way to get rid of the "Ted Kennedy Situation". Methinks The MaryHunter reads too much Rowling.

More fun with screen caps and bribery from Tommy at Striving for average.

A rather humorous duet between Deanie Weenie and Justice Alito. Courtesy of Sean Gleeson.

A rather telling transcript taken at great risk by FIAR and Radioactive Liberty’s operatives. Thank God we have Democrats looking out for the terrorists, I mean our, Civil Liberties!

You might laugh, but no one will hear you:

JustinC. at Perrero brings us an interesting mathematical view of his life.

SulDog-O-Rama’s Sully brings us a wonderful narrative of off-road rage. Pray his bones heal!

The Brothers Dim lay upon us some rather strange equations. Must be that NewMath from Sean S.

Our Canadian centrist friend, Lecentre offers a cryptic quote as food for thought.

Holly of Soldiers’ Angel shares the dangers of the Smiling Frog Solar Light.

From Miriam’s Ideas, Miriam shares the peculiarities of condiments and other items her hubby gets neurotic about.

A list of working titles from a Hollywood circling the drain. Courtesy of NewsGuy from Anti-Racist Losers.

Don’t forget to visit the other hosts for future carnivals. The Schedule is as follows:

Jan 19 – Rachel Pereira at Pereiraville.
Jan 26 – Still up for grabs! Contact Spacemonkey and you ca host your very own Carnival.
Feb 01 – Taleena at Sun Comprehending Glass.

Thanks for stopping by folks!


At 1/12/2006 10:37 PM, Blogger Peace Moonbeam said...

Did my submission suck so bad it didn't even make the list?

At 1/13/2006 12:20 AM, Blogger Peakah said...

Despite the delay, thanks for hosting!! Nice work...

At 1/13/2006 7:29 AM, Blogger DesertElephant said...

Moonbeam, I read all the entries and yours was not in the gmail box. There were a couple that had blank information. I can guarantee yiou'd be in the top group because your stuff kicks ass. Link me and I'll get you up there!

At 1/13/2006 8:22 AM, Blogger Peace Moonbeam said...

You are too kind. Here's a link to "The End Of The World" (and to be honest, it really does suck):


Thank you for hosting this Carnival!

At 1/13/2006 8:42 AM, Anonymous Buckley F. Williams said...

Thanks for the nod and for hosting the Carnival.

Nicely done.

At 1/13/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger DesertElephant said...

I have corrected the issue PM. Good post as always.

At 1/13/2006 7:46 PM, Blogger miriam said...

Glad to see the Carnival back. Thanks for hosting and for the link.

At 1/17/2006 10:11 AM, Blogger Suldog said...

Thanks much for the mention!


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