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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Big Picture

Random thoughts will often skitter across the forefront of my brain on a day-to-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute basis. And the thoughts will come at the strangest times. My brain is no respecter of time, location or propriety. I mean, I really don’t want to be having thoughts of planning my grandmother’s birthday party while in the shower detailing the undercarriage.

Today, while driving to work, I thought about what I would give, what I would ultimately sacrifice for the good of the nation and its future survival. Now, not everyone who will read this knows me personally. They don’t know how I came to be in my current condition. They don’t even know that I do all of my typing one-handed because my right arm doesn’t work below the elbow. They don’t know that if I walk, I do so only with the aid of a prosthetic lower Right Leg because mine was taken from me due to a brief moment of stupidity. To put it in terms that bureaucrats and the general public can grasp (Labels and all, you know), I am disabled.

It’s not a bad gig, the handicapped thing. I get great parking spots, lots of understanding, and loads of sympathy from the ladies. I’m not complaining. Well, At least not too loudly. I do have diminished balance, have to do everything with one hand, look a little odd due to the scars and missing limb, and have excruciating hand pain. Thankfully I have Schedule 2 narcotics that take care of that. So, what is the point of all of this? Simple. I work every weekday for a full eight hour shift and deal with rush hour traffic just like you.

I could be sitting pretty at home, watching movies, eating whatever whilst suckling the Social Security teat. However, I choose to work rather than take the benefit. One of the biggest reasons I decide to work is the pitiful stipend afford to one by the Social Security Administration. The sum is pathetic. Lots of Government run social programs are under-funded. And the administration is trying to cut back more and restructure them with a mind toward fixing the issues in the system. And I, as a Handicapped person, might be affected one day by these decisions. So why did I vote Bush into a 2nd term?

As you know from my previous writings, I registered Republican when I was 17 and have never, and will never, jump ship… unless a Kennedy starts running the party. With a Kennedy driving anything you know it is just going to end up in the water anyway. I was a Republican before my accident, and remain one after. And it was a hard struggle coping and learning how little the SSA would pony up were I never able to work again. I was also unemployed for 6 months after that whole fiasco, and the stipend there was atrociously small as well.

But, dear reader, do not think that I am saying that Bush is heartless and doesn’t care about the poor or minorities or the disabled. Though, people did ask me how I could vote the man back into power who was cutting back on social problems. The answer was simple: He WAS supporting every program and every agency, state or federal, that existed in these United States. Bush was supporting every French (Shudder), German, Spanish, English, etc. social program and government agency. Save of course for those proven to be giving aid and/or comfort to extremist Islamic organizations. He was protecting the very societies that these programs existed in. No society, no social programs.

The Left and even members of the Right are concerned about social issues and the continual funding of all to most to some of the social programs the government supports. I also am concerned and know that some of these programs are worthwhile and worth saving. I also think they need to be tweaked and reworked to maximize the cost benefit to the government and the support to the recipient. But, I also think that there are terrorists out there that want to FUCKING kill us.

They want to destroy our society. To the Islamofacists, we Americans are The Great Satan, and the rest of the western world is a collection of little satans. And the zealot nutjobs want to destroy every vestige of said “satans”, with their pesky democratic rule, and replace it with their Sharia Law. Daily they send suicide bombers who are clueless and hapless as to their handlers’ true motives, to kill civilians who are clueless and hapless as to what the bomber has on under his jacket, in order to destroy and cause chaos. They want to force us into appeasing them which has been the stance of the US and Europe since the 70’s. The ultimate goal is a world consumed by Sharia Law and ruled by Imams from horizon to horizon. But the appeasement has ended in America. At least it has where the executive is concerned. The waverers in Congress can all sit on a malfunctioning electric butt plug while wading in knee deep water.

So, when I think of this, I realize that it is pretty stupid to squabble about where the silverware goes when the house is collapsing. Or in danger of collapsing. Or being set on fire. The Left and the RINOs wants to play a dangerous game, using political sleight of hand, to make the very clear and present danger disappear in order to focus voters on the minutiae of life and their wrongly founded sense of entitlement. I think I can give up a little bit of a potential benefit if it means that America will continue to soldier on, long after I’m gone, after the fashion our Founding Fathers intended. I think I just might be willing to give up whatever is asked of me, if it means that this bastion of freedom will survive and continue to be the strength of the Western World.

Except for France. Fuck France.

Have a good weekend!

-Jesse W.


At 11/18/2005 10:19 AM, Blogger Chilly Bastard said...

great post. I only wish more americans felt similarly. Fuck France and the terrorists. France and their stance of doing nothing are just as bad as the hooded islamists reigning terror in the name of Allah. They allow this shit to happen. Then don't forget New France (or Canada) over here on the other side of the pond...


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