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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What was I Thinking?

Greetings Friends,

Well, I never thought I’d do it. For the past couple of years I’ve been from blog to blog observing, occasionally commenting. I said to myself, “This is great for them, but will never fly for me.” I didn’t feel like I really had anything to say; didn’t think my opinion mattered.

I watched the pundits and the comics ply their intellectual wares for the web connoisseur. They cited articles, weblogs, essays… media from the four corners of the web. I though that I couldn’t do that. I don’t have anything profound to say. Mt life just wasn’t that interesting. My opinions just didn’t matter enough. I’d never get anyone to read it anyway.

And this is still true today. But, Hey! It worked for the other guys.

So here is to a mediocre collection of the rantings of a desert-bound Elephant, surrounded by a sea of Absurdity.

Remember… absurdity is the Spice of Life.


-Jesse W.


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