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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How I Grew Up: Part 1

I’ve had some trouble figuring out what to post here, so I thought I might share how I came to believe what I believe in terms of the way the Nation is run. To follow is the tail of my political birth and raising. So, sit a spell and let me tell you about my growth into the Political Adult that I have become:

You know, I wasn’t always political. There was a time that I didn’t care. I was blissfully unaware of the blatant hypocrisy, dirty tricks and outright partisan lies being spewed by the MSM. I was very much like modern day liberals, democrats, “pro”gressives, etc. The world was wonderful..

Then the strangest thing happened. I suddenly was awakened to the craziness that is the Left. It all happened one fateful November in 2000. Of course the beginning of this awakening started much early but, it came to fruition that month.

I had seen all of the horribly hypocritical, illegal, immoral things that the 2-term hillbilly and his harpy had gotten away with. I was amazed that perjury remained a crime after the supreme enforcer of the law of this land was caught smack in the middle of a lie in an official judicial proceeding. I was struck dumb as the country bumpkins got away with defrauding tons of Arkansanians with the lure of (marshy) real estate offerings. And when a White House aide who was found in a park had his death ruled a suicide, around about the same time as the rip-off artists were getting the 3rd degree, something started to stir.

And then the Dims went and did it. They tried to elect the nation’s first robotic president. And then they lost. But…they… they just couldn’t fathom it. They lost. So the country went weeks without knowing *wink* who the president was. The Dims complained about confusing ballots; the race baiters claimed that Blacks (Oh yes I said Blacks and not African Americans because their asses where born here and not on the continent) were cheated out of their votes. And the party full of morons that can’t read a ballot and racists that can’t play fair whined and sued and dragged out the process denying the obvious win.

The awakening finally came when the Supreme Court was dragged in and was forced to bitch slap the corrupted, fat, rich, fascist Left by holding up the TRUE results of the election. I realized I wasn’t getting the full story. The MSM was trying to pull the wool over my eyes. The ship of American Politics was so extremely listed to the left that any plumb line would never fall to center. My world and the information in it had shifted so far to one side that barely a person around me could stand. They fell and tumbled and landed in a pile of vicious, angry, erroneous polemic.

It was in that struggle to get the truth of the election results through the Dim-o-c-RAT haze of self-delusion and messianic dreams, that I had my Political Birthday. I knew when I first registered to vote, 5 months before my 18th birthday (My birthday was in August, the election 3 months later), I knew that the GOP was the place to hang my hat. The 2000 election made me realize why.

More on my Political Childhood next post.

-Jesse W.


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