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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How I Grew Up: Part 2

Yesterday, I started a tale of my birth into conservatism (South Park style) and my growing distrust of the MSM. So, let me continue my little anecdote for all my loyal readeR:

The election was finally over and we had an outstanding man in office that was surrounded by a committed and competent cabinet and advisors. Go Rovey! Then things died down a bit. Bush made us Conservatives proud with not only a tax cut, but a refund as well. I was so proud of my President. This was a new feeling as I had been numb to the Executive for the past 8 years. And then the unthinkable happened.

Saudi Muslim Terrorists with a few cohorts from other backwards as hell Islamic, theocratic nations committed an atrocious act. Fully laden passenger airliners were hijacked and used as flying bombs. These jihadist guided missiles struck the World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2. The nation watched in horror as people flung themselves from nearly a hundred stories to escape the burning and death that was approaching them. The towers collapsed under the weight of the no longer supported upper floors. Over 3000 voices were silenced that day by madmen following false promises and spurious philosophies. In addition to the loss of thousands of innocent Civilians of all races and religions, the warped mujes attacked the nerve center of the American Military. A portion of the Pentagon was consumed in fire from another passenger liner filled near to full with highly volatile jet fuel. Yet, the bastion of our Military power stood. When the news was given to our Commander-In-Chief, I saw the man do an extraordinary thing given his surrounding and circumstances. He finished his reading of a book to a group of innocent school children. In a moment where Americans were panicking, phone circuits were packed and tears flowed like rivers, this man that would lead us to the fierce retribution for these deeds kept his cool. He showed the nation that even though we were under attack, we had a steady hand at the helm. With calm resolve, he would spearhead our retribution.

The tail had been pulled. The nose had been tweaked. The Lion was awakened. Seeking to bring the collapse of the “Great Satan”, the mohammadites, instead pulled the roof of their jihadist beliefs down upon their heads. The President made a bold statement that no spineless, concessionist, appeasement monkey Leftist could do. He declared war on Terror. He stated, in no uncertain terms, with no wiggle room, that any terrorist anywhere, anyone who harbored a terrorist anywhere and any nation that harbored, gave aid and comfort to or supported any terrorist would be dealt with decisively and with swift retribution.

The fact that Our Right-wing Republican President was bold enough to speak those words rather than cower only strengthened my political leanings. I knew that the inbreeder with the saxophone could not, would not and DID not have the strength to identify rightly, and deal with decisively, this threat to out nation. Nor would his would-be protégé, The Plank of the Democratic Party, Al “The Animated Corpse” Gore.

But more would transpire to shape me into the Right-minded Patriot that I am.

More on this tomorrow. Feel free to comment if you wish.

-Jesse W.


At 11/16/2005 10:52 AM, Blogger Chilly Bastard said...

I would say the terrorists biggest mistake was that their attack was too late. If this had happened with Clinton in office, who knows where we would be. I sincerely doubt he would have acted immediately sending troops to Afghanistan to search for the infidels to bring them to justice, and Saddam would definitely STILL be in power.


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