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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Striving for Subpar

So it would seem that I have a blog now. I have a grand readership of one and the occasional check for updates by my lovely girlfriend. But, I’m trying to get better at this whole posting-regularly-and-not-just-about-what-I-had-for-lunch deal. I’ve never been good at journaling, nor being topical, so this is a huge double-whammy super challenge for me. C’est la vie. Oh, and I have to manufacture some content before the Carnival of comedy hits me here. It would be a shame to have so many guests and a bare cupboard. I answered the call of the great monkey from space, and he decided to let this lil’ fella host.

I’ve been reading blogs for about two years now. I frequent IMAO the most and tend to check for updates about every 2 hours or so. Frank J., ruler of the blogododecahedron, and his cadre of posters keep the funny rolling all day long. I wish I could have that kind of humor/satire skills, but I’m relegated to sounding semi-intellectual/thoughtful on whatever topic catches my attention. This is hard to do as I am often distracted by shiny objects and work. But, on the upside, I’m being paid for blogging by my unwitting employers. Take that Capitalist Banker Pigs.

I believe that the first time I found IMAO; I was following a link from a blog that was listed on the FrontpageMag.com blogwatch. If you’ve not checked it out, be sure to. Frontpage takes the best from the blogs and gives it to you in an easy collection of right minded posts. They also have a fantastic collection of essays posted daily about the health of our nation and the fight to preserve our way of life. Anyhow, after following the IMAO link, I ended up reading the entire archives in about 3-4 days. The stuff was just that good. It was just my style too. Since I’m rather right-wing and sarcastic, it was like a hand and glove. I’ve also found some rather great links to other humor blogs, as well as news that I’d not been aware of. Though Frank J. puts a lot of the funny into his site, he always provides links to the inspiring articles. Well, Frank J., Harvey, RWD, SpaceMonkey, Laurence Simon (The token Jew) and Cadet Happy/mud shoelace/whatever name suits his fancy. I tend to learn and also to get rather steamed at the latest fun and games wafting rather odiferous from the other side of the political spectrum. But I’m staying informed and entertained in one fell swoop.

To those of you out there who use the power of the blog to expose the hypocrisy of the Left, the “moderates” and the RINOS: I salute you. To IMAO, Michelle Malkin, Rightwing News, Powerline, LGF and the rest, my thanks for giving me the truth, the lies and the funny. I rest comfortably every new day in my political beliefs knowing that I have picked the side of the patriots, freethinkers and speakers of truth. Plus, we have the coolest guns. Thank you all so very much for all that you do.

-Jesse W.


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