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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Brave (and Terrifying) New World

Beheadings of Kuffars and bombs strapped to children. Persecutionist rantings and failure to be relevant. Zionist plotters all hung up with string. These are Islamofacists’ favorite things.

Ah, the “Religion of Peace”. I could go for the obvious “Religion of Pieces” pun, but that would be too easy. I’m really curious as to how a religion of “Peace” has written into its scriptures clauses that create a default lower, nay, a despised class. We all know that systematic discrimination against a people group by religion and law only incites violence and rage. Look at Apartheid, though the overthrowers threw in with communism, or the way Jim Crow laws created the civil unrest that led to the Civil Rights Movement. Sidenote: It was an effective movement, so black folk can stop playing the race card because we finally see them as equals. So how can this be a Religion of Peace? I suppose that is an argument for another day.

The issue at hand is when the hell we are going to get serious about this issue? We’ve played by the rules of war regardless of what Dick Turban, Ninny Pelosi and the rest of their ilk decry to gain personal political points at the expense of national safety, security and just plain human decency. Oh, and not to mention their casual wiping of their feet on the Constitution. But our enemy is far from playing by the rules. They couldn’t care less about the Geneva Convention. It wasn’t written by some centuries dead charlatan, criminal, fraud, bastard sand rat called Mohammad. Make no mistakes, I do know we are stemming the tide and our boys are fighting effectively against folks in a region with an alarming rate of mental retardation under the guise of “culture” and “religion”.

I’m reminded of the movie Swordfish. Rather a big box office stinker, but cheesy action flicks are a guilty pleasure. I love Travolta’s character. I love his mission. To terrorize the terrorists. We’ve deluded ourselves. We’ve actually convinced ourselves that the Middle Eastern culture isn’t the root cause of terrorism. It is. Not the socio-economic bullshit that some tweed-jacketed college wanker will throw at you, but the real and historical truth that Mideast culture is a culture of barbarism. “Honor killings” and kidnapping as a valid method of negotiation are not the signs of a mentally well region folks. So what would happen if we started to strike back eye for an eye style. Really get it on?

For every suicide bombing by Hamas at a Jerusalem cafe, the US destroys an entire “Palestinian” marketplace, civilians and all. For every car bomb that goes off and kills police in Iraq, the US shells, destroys and decimates the ministries of Justice for Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc… you know, the countries that condemn the terrorists’ actions in Iraq from one side of their mouth while doing nothing to stop the flow of wanton jihadists. For every attack by foreign terrorists on the soil of the US or a US ally, a tactical nuke roasts the eyes and insides of every wahabist man, woman and child in that person’s home village. The larger the group responsible, the greater the devastation. We need to make terrorizing the western world so unthinkable that even the thought of getting a little miffed and blaming the West for the shortcomings of their own defunct culture and hypocritical religion causes them to shit very large quantities into their pants.

I am tired of the kid gloves. Unless these bastards have something to fear, no diplomacy, understanding, or cooperation is going to eradicate the issue. Until we call a spade a spade and admit that these jerkwater rejects shouldn’t be holding the world for ransom; until we are willing to do the unthinkable to stop the unthinkable; until we are willing to make all who harbor, idolize, collaborate with, or give comfort to terrorist hurt 10-fold for the pain they’ve caused the west, then we will see no end to terrorism on the world stage.

Mr. President, for the love of all things Red, White and Blue, bring terror unimaginable to the terrorists. Treat them like the animals that they are. If they are so willing to die, let us give it to them, on our terms, with as much interminable pain as possible. And please do this with all necessary speed.

-Jesse W.


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