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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Way We Are. The Way They Aren't

I must offer apologies for my lack of posts last week. I know that there are a couple of you folks out there that check up on this site every now and then, and it is my fault that there haven’t been any updates for your consideration. I had a rather nasty sinus infection that made me less that enthusiastic about stringing together the fluid, yet somehow rambling prose of the political malcontent. But I’m feeling better and am back!

So the latest thing to chap my ass concerns, surprise of surprises, a wrong-headed view held by the Left concerning our troops in Iraq and in general. The impetus for this post was a rather obscene item in a rerun of Family Guy that I watched last night. The episode featured a Regatta in which, at the beginning of the race, a rather overt bash on our troops occurred. The announcer stated that he was welcoming all the parents who had children stationed in Iraq… waited a few moments… then laughed. Since this was at a Regatta chalk full of the uber rich, the connotation was that no sons or daughters of the affluent were fighting overseas.

So, this was just another knock from the Left against our troops. The message was that Bush is only sending the poor to fight and die, but the rich don’t have to. The News Flash for the Left is this: We Have A Volunteer Armed Forces! Of course that will go right over their heads, but had to be stated anyway. And let us observe and pick apart this assumption.

As it is well known by those who care to know; the Uber Rich generally are those filling the upper echelon, and even some of the rank and file of the Democratic Party. Ted Kennedy, George Soros, John Kerry, etc, etc. spring to mind. Within the affluent circles, so-called “progressive” thought rules the day. And, as we know, the Lefty “progressives” enjoy, bend, abuse and crap on the freedoms provided by our troops, but spit on the very idea of armed conflict and the military.

Those in the Middle to Lower classes tend to realize that our freedom comes with the price of the blood, sweat and tears of patriots. Thusly, they see military service as an honor and a privilege. Since these folk (most anyway) know the full price, they are more likely to sign up, or dare I say, volunteer, for the Armed Forces. Since, you know, it’s a volunteer organization.

So, the next time a leftist asshole tries to rain on your parade, or state that Bush sends only the poor to fight, remind them that their Billionaire Heroes kids don’t have the balls, the strength, the intelligence or the courage to fight for what this Country stands for. And just to add insult to injury, remind them that these boys are so very much morally superior to their puppet masters because they choose to fight for the moonbats and patriots alike, rather than leaving them to rot in their own devices and schemes.

The Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces have courage and know the meaning of the words Honor, Duty and Sacrifice. The Left cannot begin to understand these words as their tactics have shown. When faced with even the slightest opposition, they cry foul and slander, and yell and rail that their First Amendment Rights are being quashed. Then, in their next breath, they slander and malign those dedicated to preserving that right, even if it goes to some slimeball money man with cowardly progeny, so lacking of the moral fortitude and courage to actually fight for this country. The reason there are few Rich men and women in the armed forces? The pussified doctrine of the Left has made them the effete assholes and morally bankrupt lay-abouts to the point that they haven’t the guts or honor to fight for something. They’ve never had to before anyway. Their rich Leftist Mommies and Daddies have given them everything and made them into the ballbag sissies that they are.

So, Leftist Tosspots, remember a couple of things:

  1. The Armed Forces are Voluntary
  2. Most of your membership consists of the super rich and part of the 1% they say are fucking you over.
  3. Their children have no honor and thusly will never volunteer for the armed services.
  4. They will point out that Bush has sent few sons and daughters of the rich to fight.
  5. This is their fault for being cowards with no sense of duty, honor and patriotism, and raising their kids in the same vein.
  6. They will pull the wool over your eyes and obfuscate the facts by saying Bush favors the Rich when the truth is, we Middle and Lower classes have the Upper class beat by far and will defend their candy-asses from harm by joining the armed forces.

So, despite Abramoff, who, by the way, bribed on BOTH sides of the aisle, the Right will have the Moral high ground almost all the time. The Left surrendered it a long time ago for easy fixes and selling out to the lowest common denominator for votes. We may not be perfect, but we are more committed to this Nation and its goals of freedom and democracy than the Left has been for a LONG TIME. My Right-wing friends, the next time the Left states that Bush only sends the poor to die, ask them why Chelsey Clinton isn’t in the Air Force, or why George Soros’ brood, if anyone could stomach sleeping with the jackass, aren’t marching to a cadence called out in the Corps. The Left loves shucking stones though their palaces are glass.

But that’s just my $.02. I could be wrong.

-Jesse W.


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