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Monday, February 13, 2006

Click, Click, Boom!

“The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Sometimes it’s quoted as the Bill of Rights not being so. Either way, it’s truth. These were the famous words written by Justice Robert H. Jackson in a dissenting opinion while he sat upon the bench of the United States Supreme Court. I’m sure I’m not the first to use this phrase, nor will I be the last. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV) states, “There is nothing new under the Sun…”, so I’m not really treading on new territory.

It would seem that we are heading headlong toward the proverbial tubes. And the most out-front, easily-seen culprits are the leftist, “progressive” politicians. But the greater evil is the Judicial System. Rulings like Kelo, opinions on the death penalty, and the increasingly tighter restraints being placed on local law enforcement in the name of “constitutionality”. I’ve placed that last word without capitalization because I tend to disagree that the Constitution was meant to be used in such dishonorable ways. We’ve become a society of laws, but the laws are trampling the people.

Judicial activism has led numerous voter initiatives to be for naught by overturning them as “unconstitutional”, despite any evidence proving that they indeed are. Then we have the scum of the Earth: Defense Attorneys. Theses are men and women that claim they are really just fighting for American civil rights, but are, in truth, fighting for their own notoriety, and having their names placed upon “ground-breaking” new legal precedent. But, is not the Constitution for us all? Are we, the citizens and victims, not to be allowed the right to not have these degenerates and societal detritus in our neighborhoods? Is the Government for the whole and not for the few who refuse to respect her and her children, the local, state, and federal statutes? If the government wants to restrict our access to fire arms, they sure as hell better start keeping our streets safe. And the more precedent that is set, the more restrictions are made on the average American, the more criminal daily life is becoming.

It was said that those that would give up freedom for safety will often find they have neither. Well, we have given up safety, thanks to these “pioneers” of law, with no security thrown in. The courts are finding new and exciting ways to describe away behavior and forgive egregious sins and degradation that half a century ago would have been rigidly punished. We haven’t asked that the police be given carte blanche, but we’ve also not asked them to have their hands tied. The manner in which police have to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop just to get admissible evidence against a suspect is appalling. And this all in the name of “protecting our civil rights.” By keeping the courts and truth in separate rooms? Juries rarely hear the truth. They hear what has actually been airtight enough to make it into a court proceeding, while the defense is allowed to present practically anything they want and directly attack the victim of crimes.

We are sitting with a revolver to our collective heads. Not sure if we have the empty chamber, or if the thud of the .38 slug against our temples will soon echo in the room. We need a new breed of lawyer, a new breed of patriots who work the law. We need a generation of attorneys that say, “ENOUGH!”, a judiciary that says ,“This is for the Legislature, and the people to decide.”, and a Bar as a whole that know that Precedent is written upon the paper, and not stone. The Constitution is not a Living document open to the interpretation of the times. You cannot make end runs around it, and you cannot bend it to your political view. It IS written in stone, with just enough room left on the tablets for Amendments ratified only by the methods described within itself. The Constitution is NOT now, nor will it ever be, a suicide pact. And those that thank that it is put that revolver to their own head and pull the trigger. Either that or wait for their clients, whom they’ve gotten off on a technicality, to.

-Jesse W.


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