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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bu.. Why yo... Pssh... Uh... YEARGHHHHHHHH!

It’s enough to give a man an apoplexy. All the things one could say about how loony the Left is/is getting. They are already in the deep end of crazy and don’t think they’ve swam out far enough. We have George Clooney and his, “Uh… DUHHHHH!”, pronouncement that he’s a Liberal as well as his amazingly historically ignorant Oscar speech. We have the obviously politically self-serving attempt of Mr. Feingold to censure the President for the NSA pseudo-fiasco. We have the continued attempt by the MSM to label Iraq a failure. And, we have the increasing ad hominem attacks on anyone even close to right of the Extreme Left establishment. The ship has been listing to port for so long, the plumb line that would normally point at the keel is centered on the hull. Anything approaching a moderate stance has been called Right-winged and anything even right of where center SHOULD be gets you labeled as Neo-con, Nazi, Brownshirt, Fascist, etc.

I hear, read and see these things in my everyday life and am dumbstruck. Well, that isn’t fully true. I have such a maelstrom of responses to the groupthink and Newspeak that are trying to get out that my tongue is held hostage by the competing arguments, corrections and pronouncements. One thought struggles with another to find its way out and I find I can’t utter even one syllable. The only thing that seems to be able to come out is a Deanesque roar. My brain, accustomed to logic, fact, and critical thinking can’t even come close to figuring out what the hell the Left thinks they are doing, or how they have the Audacity to call themselves “progressives”. Buy stock in whichever company makes Excedrine, because my head hurts so much from trying to figure out the Left’s reasoning that I’m eating the damned things like they were Pez.

It would seem that they have found a common plank though. Regression. Regression and the total dismantling of anything remotely resembling the America that our forefathers envisioned upon penning the Constitution. East Germany, The Czech Republic, The USSR, etc., and their failures, don’t seem to deter the madness of “thought” that Socialism/Communism just might work. And they are of the thought that the Government needs to provide for every citizen’s every need. Yet they hate the invasion of the Government in any part of their private lives. Two newsflashes for those ever so friendly, eloquent and intelligent folks that make up the rabid, maddened Left:

  1. The Constitution only guarantees the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Not that you’ll be guaranteed money, even if you don’t work, or healthcare, or any of your other FDR established/promised handouts. The Framers intended this to be a nation of self-sufficient men and women free to pursue their own destinies, while not infringing on that pursuit for others.
  2. More social programs require MORE Invasion of Privacy. With only so much in the till, Governments are well-known for getting deep into the personal lives of those who would potentially receive aid, in addition to the continuing intrusion for those that remain on the program. Keep the cake, or eat the cake. You cannot, and never will be able, to do both.

Just had to get that off my chest so my brain and my tongue could start working properly again. Thanks!

-Jesse W.

P.S. Any comments are greatly appreciated, and help me know what you all think. That and that someone is actually reading this schlock.


At 3/21/2006 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if, as a result of someone wanting to increase their company's profit (NOT decreasing their company's loss), you, along with thousands of others, are fired. You are a relatively new worker. You have studied hard, worked hard, and are left with almost nothing. I hate being a member of the same species as someone who wouldn't want to provide healthcare to someone who has been unjustly fired.

Better yet, how about the case of homeless Vietnam War Veterans, who you should idolize. They were a casualty of circumstances. Do you also justify, being a member of the real "ever so friendly, eloquent and intelligent folk" that these people deserve to be (as many of them are) homeless, and without any dental care? They are not to blame for any decision that was made for them to leave their job. Do you also feel good denying these people healthcare or financial assistance. It is funny that people like you should believe in God, since being an atheist would at least help you convince yourself that there isn't a seat saved for you in hell.

At 8/13/2006 3:14 PM, Blogger DesertElephant said...

A human being has the ability to govern his own course. The Vet that can't hack it, despite all the VA has provided him since he conflict, i indeed responsible for his actions.

And the Vet might not be in such bad shape had yoy fuckwit hippy bastards decided you knew how to prosecute a war and made assumptions that you had no right to. You scarred these men thatreturned to derision and scorn from the people whose interests they were protecting. Soft-handed college boys with no testicle, hising behind a peace symbol as a disguise for their own personal moral cowardice.

So fuck off and die you pussified hippy twerp. And take your Communism-loving, pampered bum boy opinions with you.



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