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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Undeniable Scent Of Anticipation And Vindication

I’ve a great opportunity coming up. I have an interview for a new position tomorrow. The nerves are already setting in. I imagine that all this day, we’ll be dealing with the giddiness of possibility, the nervousness of the interview process, and the fear that I am going to cock it up like no other.

As may have been guessed by hints I’ve made in some of my posts, and outright declarations in others, I have a couple of slight physical handicaps. I wasn’t born that way, bad motorcycle handling did it to me. Before my accident, I had worked my way up to one step under the helpdesk manager. Our helpdesk was arranged with one member catching all the calls and the rest of us running Tier II and some Tier III tickets. I was at the top of our Tech food chain, and we were touted as the best desk in the company by many of the SVPs and Board Members. This was when I worked at Bechtel, which is a very large global EPC firm. I also did all of our video conferencing, administered our third-party RAS tool users and software, built databases, and did the deskside support for the VIPs in our office. Then I hit a light pole on my Shadow, and it was all downhill from there.

When I returned from work after recovering from the accident, a few surgeries and an amputation, I was treated with Kid Gloves. They didn’t think I could do anything, so they turned me into the call catcher. Needless to say, this made it easier for them to RIF me when the time came. It also created a stigma when I went out on interviews for new jobs. Then I finally got one. Being the call catcher. But that might change soon.

I am interviewing for a server admin type position and am hoping that all goes well. I’ve felt my skills atrophy the longer I’ve sat answering calls from this queue. This new position will utilize skills I already know, and teach me skills I do not yet posses. The anticipation is killing me. Plus it will mean more money, which is always good. It also means regaining a measure of my self respect back. It’s a chance to have my own assertions that I’m not just some damned cripple verified, and understood.

I apologize that this wasn’t my normal Essay-like writing rants, but I wanted to share the hopefully good news.

-Jesse W.


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