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Friday, August 03, 2007

Welcome IMAO Folk

I just wanted to say Howdy to the folks from IMAO. As Shimauma has been constantly pestering me to no end about posting, I thought I'd take the moment to thank FrankJ for my 15 minutes of net fame, and the faithful readers of IMAO (who are the greatest blog readers on the Interweb) for reading my profile and dropping by to see my brain candy.

I've recently begun listening to talk radio again, and am growing more motivated to start posting again. There ARE some things that have been behind not posting, but those are resolving. For one thing, I have started a new job (well, new 4 months ago) which actually requires I work. I have less time to post, and end up only making random IMAO comments. This helps explain the second reason I haven't posted recently. As some may or may not know, I am crippled. I am a below-the knee amputee and I have a paralyzed right arm. As a result of having an ill fitted prosthetic leg, every day was a struggle with intense pain which had left me in a deep state of fatigue, thus not wanting to do anything from home but rest and be ready for the new day. But, I have a new leg, a new lease on life, new energy and a desire to vent as I have done in the past.

I'll be brain storming this weekend and promise my loyal reader (Shimauma... you rock) something new on Monday.

Additionally, if you are an AZ Ronin, email me at jwcanfield79@gmail.com. I want to set up a get together of the AZ Ronin to get to know each other and some of the fine libations this city's brewers can offer.

Again, thanks to FrankJ and the best folk on the web, the IMAO Ronin.


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At 8/07/2007 6:43 PM, Anonymous shimauma said...

DUDE!!! You posted!! AND I ROCK!!! Man, if we all could get together in Tempe, do some coffee plantation, make the college libs nervous with our Right Wing conspiracy T-shirts. T'will be SO cool. Sadly it will be a few years for us, but if you guys do an early gathering, take some pics and post them. I and the hubby will be with you in spirit.


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